Ladies! Hello! If you have been following me, you know that I had started my Fey Rooz Instagram journey November last year so I think it’s about time I introduced myself to you. It’s good for you to know that the being behind this account is not a robot but an actual person! My name is Sarah. I live in Ottawa, Canada. My kryptonite is Sushi Kan. I don’t watch Superman, but I do watch The Flash. In fact, my favourite mug happens to be a STAR LABS mug 🤓. Am I a scientist? Nope; I majored in English Literature and my minor was World Religions – Does that mean I like reading, poetry and spirituality? Heck yes! Okay so what am i doing with these passions? Basically, I read, I write poetry and have had the wonderful opportunity of co-running a writing contest dedicated to the Beloved ﷺ  – as for spirituality, well, we’re all on some kind of journey or path. So, why jewelry? Because I love working with my hands AND gemstone jewelry in particular is so connected to spirituality! And like I said, I dig spirituality! 

How? Gemstones are another creation of God. And what creation isn’t a sign from God? Gemstones have this awesome ability and energy to remind you of your godly qualities. You can use to to purify your heart (staying calm, being positive, caring for others and yourself….etc). Especially the more you learn about them and their properties, the more the reminders will pour in!

Namaste 🌻 Salam!


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