Boss Lady #1 An Interview with Mariam Zehra creator of The Blooming Daisy

Hello my creative, ambitious friends,

I love listening and learning from people’s stories. And today, what i’m going to share with you is the experience and beauty of a young Muslim Boss Lady: Mariam. She will be our first interviewee in our Boss Lady series. Mariam is a 27 year old Pakistani artist living in the beautiful state of California. Her shop The Blooming Daisy consists of modern Islamic prints, Islamic calligraphy and original paper cuts. She has blessed 125 homes with her art. Masha Allah!


How does The Blooming Daisy serve the world?

Well, the Holy Quran is a source of guidance for all of us. I am sure at some point in our lives we all feel that there are some verses of Quran in which God is directly talking to us and we read that verse again and again, like “Verily, in remembrance of God do hearts find peace” (Al-Quran 13:28)

Similarly, there are many quotes of Holy Prophet ﷺ and Imam Ali (AS) that have encouraged me to reflect and I try to remember them. But the best way I find to remember them is write them and hang them on my gallery wall.  I believe, my art serves the same way to anyone who buys it from TheBloomingDaisyShop.


Yes, hanged quotes are good reminders and motivators. Especially if they’re beautiful to look at, too. So what or who inspired you to start your journey?

To be very honest, my motto “to keep myself busy in productive work” was my first inspiration to start my online shop at Etsy.  Secondly, every form of art inspires me.  So, I tried to begin with all I have rather than investing a lot money first. That is how  TheBloomingDaisy journey started.

Nice. Being resourceful is the heart of creativity. Were you scared when you first started? How do you feel now?

No, I was not scared perhaps due to the small amount of risk involved. I took it more like a “Hobby”. Now, alhamdulillah I am happy about the fact that I have my own little shop. I just LOVE it! I love creating my art, listing things in my shop and seeing my little business grow. The best part is when I get good feedback by a happy customer with 5 stars.


Any plans for the Fall season?

All seasons are beautiful but I am sort of in love with Fall season. I am working on some thing new that I am excited about to list in my shop inshaAllah. Hint: It involves glass. ;)

I’m so intrigued to know what’s to come. What’s your favorite creation in you shop right now?

This is a tricky question. I would say my favorite product is the “Hijabi bookmark“.  


When sales are slow what do you do?

I use that time in designing new art, browsing new trends, learning some new techniques that can help me in improving my art work.

Smart! Any advice to those who want to start their own little business on Etsy?

I would encourage them to go for it. One should never underestimate themselves. Keep working hard and have confidence in yourself. Trust me! The excitment of your first sale is worth all efforts; the sense of accomplishment – like “wow, I can actually do this!” It makes me eager to create more work to post.

How does your connection with God help you in your business?

I think this connection with God is what encourages me to make Islamic Prints. Living in a non-Muslim country, we all know it is not easy to find Islamic art. I found it difficult to buy Islamic art for my personal home decor. That is why, I try to play a little role to make it easy for like-minded people to get Islamic art.

How do you feel knowing our beloved Mother Khadija (AS) was a boss lady?

Lady Khadija (AS) is a role model for all Muslimah entrepreneurs. It is so fascinating to learn how she was a Boss Lady in the time of ignorance when pre-Islamic Arabs used to bury their new born girls alive. Thanks to her example, in today’s world, a Muslimah can follow her dreams with intelligence, confidence and modesty.

Is there a particular dhikir that helps you on this business journey?

I recite Surah Al-Waqiah daily alhamdulillah. According to the Prophetic tradition it is a good means to increase one’s provision (Rizq).

Beautiful work Mariam. Thank you for sharing with us your story.

Please check out Mariam’s creative corner here. If you have any questions for Mariam about any product, email her at




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